Buying (audio): cheaper and better

Mr. M.J. Heida is supplier of wireless interpretation systems. At the end of 2010 mr. Heida approaches us with his China idea. He already found a Chinese supplier for wireless systems with That was the moment for China Trade & Projects. Within a month we proposed a supplier that […]

Projects: expert management

Working as the North China Representative of the Jian Hua Foundation Ltd., Feitsma has brought many projects to success with great expertise and creativity. Some of the challenges included cooperation with several government departments, visionary motivate and lead a team of employees from different cultural backgrounds, creative fundraising and maximize the […]

Parts: Cheaper manufacturing

The Van der Ende Group is supplier of pumps, engines and other products for horticulture and industry. The company has been able to preserve a steady growth over the past few years. For their large collection of products, they need many parts that require labour intensive manufacturing. Regrettably, parts that are […]

Training: Top 10-programme

In 2003 mr. A. van der Laak of China Impact approaches Feitsma. In the years that follow, Feitsma works with China Impact on the development and implementation of an interactive training programme for managers and leaders in the Chinese Church. The basic objective of the programme is to impact trainers […]