Get it from China

You have a great plan to create extra income with a product you can get cheaply in China. But how do you bring it here? And without the hassle and the waste of money, time, and energy?

You have a plan. You are going to sell a product bought cheaply in China. The Internet search-engines have given you a fair impression of the options, but how can you be sure you will find the best supplier? You are excited about the chances of your China plan, but you are concerned about transport, import, guarantee, quality control, international payments, product changes, spare parts, and so on.

That’s why you seek help from China Trade. We specialize in the China part of your plan. We find good, dependable suppliers. We secure stable relationships and effective communication. We ensure the product is made to your specifications. We organize everything on payment and guarantees. And for you… it feels like you are buying from your trusted neighbor; you are freed of all worries and hassle. You can start selling right away!

What are the costs? In most cases we would earn back our own costs. That means that by doing business with us you save more than the fees we charge. China Trade has experience with a broad range of products. From car lamps to sunglasses, from audio equipment to electric torches, we have expertise. Contact us if you want to know more.

Example A:

M.J. Heida, Dutch supplier of wireless sound systems says that China Trade has extensive knowledge of the Chinese market, which makes sourcing quick and effective. (For more: see the testimonials or login on my Linkedin page). Why does he say this?

Towards the end of 2010 Heida approached us with his China plan. He had already found a Chinese supplier for wireless sound systems on China Trade was his next step. After a month, we found a supplier with a better quality product and still a lower price. Heida’s first order quickly followed. We now take care of the purchasing and logistics right up to the point product reaches Heida’s front door. We give a one-year guarantee on the product. In this way Heida saves a lot of time, which he obviously uses to develop plans for new products!

Example B:

From the beginning of 2010, China Trade has been buying car lamps for Jan. Before this, he had been purchasing the product in China himself. After some time, however, the supplier started to fail in quality and accuracy. He decided to hand over all work concerning purchase and transportation to us. China Trade selected a better supplier. We also offer Jan 100% guarantee on his product—something he would never have been able to negotiate himself. China Trade has supported and improved Jan’s China plan.


China Trade & Projects invests a lot of energy in the process to guarantee quality. Communication is quick and efficient. – M. van Roon
Buyer – Van der Ende Groep