Who are we?

China Trade & Projects was established in January 2002 with the objective of serving as a bridge to China for Dutch small and medium sized companies. One can best profit from the strength of China’s economy when, like China Trade & Projects, you know your way around. We know all about business practices and culture, government and guanxi, business and non-profit projects, Internet and business clubs, and language and negotiating.

Our vision: to bring together the best of both the Dutch and Chinese business culture. Our company language is Chinese, of course. Our quality control is Dutch, of course.

It is our mission to act within the highest standards of integrity. Through structural control we achieve certainty for our clients. Our conditions exclude risks for our clients, like it should.

China Trade & Projects has offices in Hoek van Holland (municipality of Rotterdam), Shanghai (Wuxi and Suzhou), Tianjin (just south of Beijing) and Shenzhen (between Hong Kong and Guangzhou). Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen are the most important economic growth areas in China. Our network reaches into other growth areas like Chongqing as well.

The people

Arend Feitsma

Director China Trade & Projects

My name is Arend Feitsma. I have lived China for six years and learned to speak Chinese and understand the culture well. Through a foundation, I was leading the design and implementation of diverse projects in cooperation with Chinese government departments, international co-workers and local volunteers. After our return to the Netherlands I decided to use my experience and network for other small and medium sized enterprises. Together with some Chinese colleagues I started my own company in 2002, with a Chinese and Dutch representation. The first deals were in the area of consultancy and market research, but the largest expansion came soon after that in the area of trade and production of parts for companies in building and industry. Over the past few years I have seen a strong growth in opportunities for small businesses, often run by people with a full-time job, who sell a specific China product through the internet.

Feng Huaguang

China Trade & Projects

I am Feng Huaguang. I have over 20 years of experience as consultant for western companies and organisations, among which the American Online Software Resources Inc., with clients such as Nestle and LG. I also worked for Jian Hua Foundation, Shanghai Orient Technologies Ltd. and China Impact. My expertise is in the area of government liaison, personnel management and finding unconventional practical solutions, strengths I have been able to use for many western companies. Without corruption, to be sure, because integrity is very dear to us. I lead the office of China Trade & Projects in Tianjin, near Beijing.

Tom Feng

China Trade & Projects

My name is Tom Feng and I am 30 years old. I run the office for China Trade & Projects in Shenzhen, near Hong Kong. I was able to make a nice carreer in sales and marketing: first with Main Southern from Hong Kong and then with the Austrian Signity. Thanks to my large ‘guanxi’ network I have been able to find dependable suppliers and negociate favorable conditions for the China Trade clients. I really know my way around in Chinese habits and bureaucracy, which is a very good frustration killer for our western clients!