Make it in China

Many products, parts, or semi-manufactured products are still very cheap in China. But which ones? How do you select the supplier? How do you limit risks and organize logistics? And how do you find the essential guanxi?

Everybody knows that many products, parts, and semi-manufactured products can be produced cheaply in China. Many companies could still save thousands of euros this way. But how do you find trustworthy Chinese guanxi? The question is, does the advantage of China production weigh up against the costs of the search, communication, organization, transport, and risk factors? Often it does not.

China Trade takes away your worries. We can source products from the best Chinese suppliers according to your specification. And we can manufacture products that are unique or company-specific. During our 25 years of activity in China, we have build up a broad network of valuable guanxi that you can tap into. We know the pains and solutions for quality and control, negotiation and guarantees, wholesale and small batches, transport and packing, and language and culture. That will give you certainty and a feeling of safety.

We offer to set up an introductory meeting with you to investigate the opportunities and the most likely products for your company. China Trade will summarize all the above cost factors in one clear price, delivered DDP on your doorstep. This enables you to make a well-informed business decision on production in China.

We have a broad scope of experience with sourcing and production, for example, with small equipment, parts of metal or plastics for applications in building, DIY, agriculture, greenhouses, and industry. We have also learned about some products that are not suitable for production in China (any more).

Mr. M. van Roon, buyer for Van der Ende Group, supplier of pumps and engines for horticulture and industry, says (see cases for the whole story), “China Trade invests a lot of energy in quality control. Communication is quick and efficient. Prices are a lot lower than in the Netherlands. And DDP delivery by China Trade is a big advantage since it saves costs for administration, freight, and import duties.” Why does Van Roon say this?

The Van der Ende Group needs a lot of labor-intensive parts. Van Roon asked China Trade to quote prices for parts that would not change much in design anymore, so that longer shipping and larger stock is no problem. This resulted in some very attractive prices! For eight years now, we are Van der Ende’s bridge to China.


China Trade & Projects invests a lot of energy in the process to guarantee quality. Communication is quick and efficient. – M. van Roon
Buyer – Van der Ende Groep